In the beginning of November Mr T and I went to Lisbon for a couple of days. 
We arrived in the evening, welcomed by rainy weather and a delicious homemade cinnamon liquor in our rented apartment.

We were looking for delicious portugese food but ended up having dinner at Edelweiss swiss bistro, which was also super good so I really recommend it. Here you can find them on fb.

After dinner we wandered the streets in the old quarter Barrio Alto. Discovering Lisbon in the light of old streetlights was special to me.

In the morning the sun was unexpectedly shining, we walked up in a wonderful light

A perfect day for walking, walking, walking.

Lisbon beautiful tiny streets and famous tram nr 28 route

Tiles and cute balconies everywhere

The sky before rain showers

Hilly streets and tram cables. 
We walked till the sunset.

Eight in the evening. 
I vividly remember this walk towards the Coliseum theatre to see the concert I was so much looking forward to -actually the reason for this Lisbon short trip. 
Soooo excited!

Placebo. Above pictures credits: everythingisnewpt [left] and henriquelourenco[right] 

Yes, I sang from the top of my longs together with all these people and the band, of course. Fantastic concert.

The day after the concert was time to go back home, unfortunately. 
We had yet another delicious breakfast -if you asks me coffee and pastry are wonderful in Portugal- and headed to the airport. 

... 2 days can be very short but they will stay in my heart for ever I guess.


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