For someone it might be being on a plane, for someone else making a speech in front of lots of people, for others maybe to act on a stage or climb trees. For me it's when I find myself on skis, then I know it: I am not in my element. I know it will be tough. Everyone has a place in which he/she does not belong. What should we do when we enter one?
We are confronted with the choice: should I give in to that uncomfortable feeling and quit, or try my best to survive the experience despite the feeling of not belonging there?
Well, this week I decided for the latter. I keep of doing it hoping one winter I might fall in love with this sport. This is the third time for me, actually. Never say never.

Yet when least expected, this morning I nearly felt happy. I was alone on a cable car -fighting my inner feelings and my muscles ache- it snowed heavily, the air was cold, everything white, all sounds soft and muffled: a perfect moment of beauty and peace.

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