This is my second contribution to the amazing Urban Jungle Bloggers series. An initiative by bloggers Judith and IgorThis month it's about choosing 1 plant and style it 3 ways.

My plant is a tiny Sedum Rubrotinctum . I like it's colors going from pale green to pink to red. The specimen I used is so tiny that it disappears between things but once found it's a joy for the eye. Can't wait for it to grow bigger.

Here is how I styled My Sedum in 3 different areas of my house. 

1 > LIVING ROOM > Plants and books and coffee-tables, perfect combination to me.
     Here my Sedum is planted in a beautiful raku pot by sculptor Stefania Malferrari.

2 > SLEEPING ROOM > Here it's in my 4,5 years old boy's room, in good company with pictures, tiny baby shoes, Jip&Janneke postcard and robot toy. It looks so nice I decided to leave it there. This cutie is now my boy's first plant.

3 > BATHROOM > Here in another beautiful raku ceramic vase made by Stefania Malferrari. I love how the plant sits in this small 3-legged-vessel. 

Psstt.... a little behind the scene thing: the plant you see next to the Sedum in this picture is a lovely Minosa Pudica that was originally my first choice for this series. I guess it was just too shy to be handled, styled and photographed. Wanna know why? Have a look here.

     ||||          ||||                ||     |||             ||             |||          ||| ||    |||                                          ||| |   |||                         ||                 ||| ||             |||    |||          ||                  ||| |||||                   || | | |||               |||                 |||||      ||                   ||| ||                    ||||||||   ||||||  |||              |||

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  1. Such a cute Sedum indeed! I like it on the coffee table with that giant 9, but it looks also very happy in your son's room. If you're lucky it will grow even faster than him ;) And super cool that Mimosa pudica, too shy to be taken on camera, but the movement looks gorgeous! Very happy that you're joining us again, Stefania!

    1. Thank you Judith, it was hard to take pictures in these days with no sun therefore not enough indoor natural light, but I enjoyed this february styling anyway. Mimosa Pudica is absolutely gorgeous, I can't help myself and touch it every time I pass by (poor thing) to see its movement. Yes I hope Sedum will grow soon so i can create clones to to keep it in the bathroom too ;-)


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