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Firstly I'd like to mention something very special: Judith and Igor -the two super bloggers who initiated this series- won the Innovation Award at Meet the Blogger in Amsterdam. I think it is very well deserved for their wonderful idea, the hard (and fun as they say!) work. Great to see our community grow and that it is so much appreciated by both bloggers and professionals.
So well done Judith and Igor!
So glad to have joined you since the beginning, so proud to be part of it.

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Back to this month topic: plants & flowers. I love flowers as much as I love plants. They have their way to lift my spirit, so to say. In a grey rainy day like today (hey, welcome autumn!) I definitely love to look at them. The flower shop had beautiful closed pink lilies, and some lovely pink flowers I don't know the name of. Someone can help, maybe? You'll see them on pictures later on.
I thought they would mix well with the leaves of my beloved Tradescantia Zebrina, with such a great wonderful purple colour in the back and my pink Orchid, now in bloom.

This Orchid is quite common, I bought 2 of them a long time ago and one has bloomed again and again each year ever since. The other one has beautiful green leaves I like anyway. I am really happy with them, and beside a little constant moisture and keeping their vase facing sunlight always in the same way, I must say they did not need much in return. Bliss.

I started by adding just a lily next to my Orchids, and the Tradescantia's cuttings. Then a palm leave in a sake bottle joined the composition. I like compositions with different vases, simply put next to each other.
This is the place in the house where I usually have my flowers, just next to the reading chair. An issue of flow magazine is proudly in the picture, it's one of my favorite reads in the magazines world.

Finally I added the rest of the flowers in my favourite oversize vase by Hella Jongerius. I love this vase that you can actually customise by stitching as I did here.  The scent lelies spread around is sometimes overwhelming, nevertheless I love it.

Well, this is all for this month. Hope you enjoy flowers in your home too. Follow other many members of our green community on www.urbanjunglebloggers.com to see more flowers and plants around the world -if you like- or even better join us altogether.

See you next time for a new edition.

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Judith and Igor initiated the series UrbanJungle Bloggers I am very happy to join every time I can. Everyone ca join us, or simply follow our growing community on FacebookUrban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board or on www.urbanjunglebloggers.com.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely text and compliment! Happy to have you on board!

    1. Thank you :-))) compliments are well deserved. Happy to be on board too, it's one of my favorite appointments


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