Hello everyone, it is a long long time I do not write on this blog. It seems right to pick it up again just before the end of the year. Also, it seems right to look back at the past summer, just now that the first snow started to fall around here and memories of warm sunny days do seem so far away.
Here in Italy, summer has gone on for a very long while  a long warm autumn we all enjoy I must say.
A new work project gave me the chance to have a lovely mini trip in Abruzzo, central Italy, where I also visited my family family on dad side.
I spend my holidays there since I was a child, it's a lovely place where hills filled with olive trees meet the seaside but  funny enough  I never joined anyone on my family for the olive harvest. My grandparents had land with olives and peaches. Nowadays some of my uncles, aunties and cousins continued to work on my granparent's land. This year I was finally in the right place at the right time to witness and help a little with olive harvesting.
The youngest of the family, enjoyed the day a lot too.

The more you pick the more you have to be careful not to stand on a sea of olives.
Seeing lots of olives all on the ground, next to your feet, it's very rewarding.

We had our lunch on the premises. Some vegetables, fresh tomatoes sliced on the spot and naturally our olive extra virgin olive oil on bread. It comes from family trees and it's so delicious on bread! So simple yet so unbelievably delicious, believe me.
Looking at it shining in the sun light, I thought it really is the gold of this territory.

Well, and here they are: my personally plucked olives closed in a jar in my kitchen.

The small jar was gifted to us by my aunt Anna, the big jar contains some of the olives we plucked with our own hands. 
It's the firs time I prepare them, too. Washed and dried them before putting them in a jar alternating olives and salt, till the top. Every day the jar needs to be turned, we'll wait for a month and they'll be ready.
Next time I'll tell you all how they taste.


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