+ Hi there! Interior design was one a passion far before it became my profession. Even now that I am more dedicated to graphic design and illustration, I continue avidly reading interior design magazines, visiting furniture fairs, or have a look at beautiful homes all over the world through lovely blogs. I could spend hours and hours doing that (and sometimes I do... actually). 
++ That is why I am planning a post with a home tour of my nest, which is going to take a long time because home decorating for me is kind of an never ending ongoing process, as I often say.
Never mind, I still can share with you some pictures of my house. Not all of them are recent or of a finished stage, but all are nice cosy places that we enjoy very much. Sometimes looking around I manage to see beyond the unfinished jobs (and the mess) and do feel a soft spot for my home and the lovely things surrounding us. Here they are for you as well..

1 | the tree I made in Erik's room, here pictured at an early stage before he was born
| pictures, lettering and radio on dining room drawer
3 | the landing, books everywhere they can fit and a lovely vase by Hella Jongerius
4 | books shelves in the living room, I love those from IKEA PS serie (now sadly not in production anymore)
5 | Erik's room, one of his very early clothes still on the wall to remember how tiny he was
6 | Erik's room again, lovely dutch Jip en Janneke characters reproduced by me 
7 | sun on the wall of the dining room, a lot must still happen decor wise in here
8 | mirror in my sleeping room, here I decide what broaches or necklaces to wear
9 | kitchen, view from the dining room, here as it was just after moved in 5 years ago



  1. Anonymous8/11/12 22:37

    La stanza di Erik sembra bellissima! Aspettiamo 'home tour' per vedere il resto, soecialmente di quella stanza.
    Mi piace molto il tuo blog, brava.

  2. Anonymous9/11/12 15:15

    So nice home!:D LiLy

  3. Anonymous9/11/12 15:16

    I love the style and the colors! arianna

  4. Anonymous9/11/12 15:18

    Love this. It looks amazing.

  5. The staircase. And "La stanza" is also a pretty name for it:) Beautiful.

  6. Well, of course! Now I remember! And you know what, Stefania, I like it even more now. E's room is so well done, Stefania. I like the lamp/stool and the wall, and that piece of furniture on the right! And your kitchen looks very original, I love it when there are no cupboards above the working space. It just makes it look bigger and brighter. The whole place looks very personal, you know. And of course I still love la stanza:)

    1. :-) nice compliments, my home is happy! I hope to post about E's room properly soon, it was a nice project for me. You know I was olanning to paint that tree with birds houses on our entrance wall, but then he came and I switched plans. we are ready for some changes as he's growing fast and will need a new bed and maybe a new theme. I will be sad to let my 'woods theme' go though. The kitchen is following us from home to home, inox cabinets doors from ikea, we add pieces slowly and it's pretty big now. I also think no upper cabinets make everything look bigger and brighter (but then you have to keep it so tidy all the time which is not so fan). Anyway I am very happy you say it looks personal :-) it is a mediation of two adults living in there so choices have to be agreed on. How about you and Karol? Who amakes decision about the house?


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