Hello readers! I am thinking - since a while now - to give the blog a new image, as well as re-organize its content a little. This blog is on line since October 2011. I am proud to say it has grown in a way that never ends to surprise me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Many people ask me why do I have a blog. Alongside to the important facts that it helps me sharing ideas, showcasing my on going projects and work, interacting with very interesting people, the thing is that... it truly makes me happy!

All this to tell you that one day soon - hopefully before end February - you will see some changes when visiting my blog, but don't go away, it will still be me :-)
A question for all lovely people following its-nice-here regularly [but not just for them]: I'd like to hear from you which content do you enjoy the most and what you would be sad to miss or if perhaps there is something different you'd like to find in this blog.
I will appreciate your opinions/suggestions. You're welcome to write it in the comments below or write me by mail [see above contacts for the address], whichever you prefer.

See you soon with a new dress, then!



  1. Anonymous30/1/13 10:32

    Hi, I really like "movie friday" so hope you will continue this. For the rest I enjoy your blog but I am also curious about the changes. Keep it up! And thanks

  2. Anonymous30/1/13 10:57

    Hi Stefania, I do not comment often but I follow you closely. I like all the content you have so far, maybe I woul like to see more about your work and your travels.

  3. HEllo I did follow you nearly the whole year, continue this way for me is fine except I think more post on "self made" ideas would be good and also more regularly "movie friday" posts, possibly more Italian movies?
    What happened to "portrait gallery"?
    hope this helps :-)

  4. I like your blog the way it is. Movies, art, travels, portraits of your little E. - all of it. In fact, what I like most is your writing as it's usually to the point but with many questions I keep asking myself, too. I'd love to see the "verification code" when commenting disappear. I hate these things, can never see them properly and end up refreshing and refreshing, and refreshing... Looking forward to the new dress! I'd love one, too but it must wait:/

  5. LORY: thank you for your comment. i also like 'movie friday' and I'd like to continue that.
    LIZABETH: very glad to hear that and thanks for writing a comment this time. I will keep it in mind :-)
    SUSANNA: oh thank you so much! 'movie friday' is something I really enjoy and something I do purely out of my personal love for certain films, in a very unoretencious way (i am by no mjeans a professional film critic) but is also a very demanding post in term of time and research. i promise I will try my best to keep it up and with more Iatalian works.
    'portrait gallery' is going on, slowly as I am busy with other projects right now but I have a lovely photographs to work on and cannot wait to start and to share it. Than I will run another draw. Thank you very much for your help :-)
    MARTA: what can I say? Your words can not NOT make one happy. I really appreciate them and always like to read from you. I am still thinking hard about this new dress. It might take more time than predicted. What do you mean by 'verification code' when commenting disappear? Sometimes comment writing in blogger is a little strange, especially when I run it through my pad. Thanks again :-)

  6. It's that number and letters thing that you need yo type to prove you're a human being. Not sure why it's important when you moderate comments, I guess it's a double spam-control.


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