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|||                   || | | |||               |||                 |||||      ||              ||||||||||||||   Welcome to URBAN JUNGLE!
This year I am going to join Judith and Igor who decided to start this new Urban Jungle Bloggers year with a lot of fresh #urbanjungle inspiration from around the web. 

Today -like they did- I will also share the bloggers that inspires me, hoping in turns to inspire you as well.

+ BELLE FLEUR DE LIS  Lotte is a talented lacemaker and crocheter from Antwerp, who's love for plants is very inspiring to me. Every time I have a look at her blog, it's like entering a beautiful world where delicate flowers and beautiful plants are ever so present, taken care of and truly part of daily life. Wonderful green aesthetics that touches and stimulates my green heart.
picture from Belle Fleur de Lis

+ PIA JANE BIJKERS is stylist/photographer/author. Nature beautiful finds from the garden are so much part of her aesthetic. I loved her idea of an ever evolving wreath, that changes through different seasons.
picture from Pja Jane Bijkerk

+  In STRING GARDENS I found the most beautiful suspended greens. I wish I could have this fantastic jungle at home, don't you?

+ In STUDIO MEEZ among very beautiful things many plants make lovely appearance. Its a lovely and super inspiring blog.
picture from studio meez

+ In there I found this post and this one about a beautiful plant and stationery wonderland: pots and paper.I wish I could go there and swap some plants with t; Sanne Delcroix > Our Strange Nature  < Studio Meez > Lisa Kinoo < Hermine Van Dijck Merlijne Marell.
Picture from Lisa Kinoo

This is all for today dear people.

Hope you enjoyed this voyage with me. Thank you Judith and Igor for having me on board and see you all next month with urbanjungle#6.

     ||||          ||||                ||     |||             ||             |||          ||| ||    |||                                          ||| |   |||                         ||                 ||| ||             |||    |||          ||                  ||| |||||                   || | | |||               |||                 |||||      ||                   ||| ||                    ||||||||   ||||||  |||              |||

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series initiated by 2 bloggers: Igor [Happy Interior Blog] and Judith [JOELIX.com]. Every month we share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs and green tips & tricks. You can find additional inspiration on our Urban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board. Want to join? Use #urbanjungle on twitter and instagram. Or let us know and we'll send you a mini-kit with all details. Let's bring some green into our homes and blogs!



  1. Such a great round up Stefania! I love both Lisa Kinoo and Studio Meez, the others are new and can't wait to discover their sites! I think we should all go to the next Pots and Paper, it looks so nice and welcoming and creative! Welcome aboard, Stefania! Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Thank you Judith, it was a difficult one as I don't know so many 'just about plants' bloggers and instagrammers. It is lovely though to see the love for plants in between lines and everyday life though in these blogs.
      Nince to share green inspiration, I will check yours too!

  2. Oh what a great line-up of recommendations! Thanks for joining in Stefania!

    1. Hi Igor, nice to meet you trough Judith and happy to be in Urbanjungle! See you next time and thanks :-)

  3. Great selection Stefania8 Am on my way to checking them out!
    Corinne (fellow Urban Jungle Blogger)

    1. Thank you Corinne, I will check yours too! Nice to meet you and welcome here :-)


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