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 I have never seen this movie on the big screen unfortunately as I was not born when it was first released, nevertheless I still remember the big impression it made on me even on the small screen of a quite small tv.

+++ Fantasmi a Roma is a film by director Antonio Petrangeli. 
Detachment and elegance are the essential characteristics of this precious work of film, a surreal fairy tale built on  brilliant and witty screenplay.
The film is a comedy fantasy (a genre not common in Italian cinema) spiced with great gags, simple feelings and interpretations of some large actors, like -among others- Eduardo De Filippo, Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni (playing here 3 different roles simultaneously) and Sandra Milo.
The Ghosts: Fra Bartolomeo (died from poisoning), Poldino, the prince young brother (died as child from an explosion), Donna Flora (duicide for love) and Reginaldo, the prince grat great father (died falling from a balcony escaping from the angry husband of his lover)
Prince Annibale with his secretary, ghost Fra Bartolomeo and great-great-father Reginaldo

The elderly prince Annibale di Roviano (Eduardo De Filippo) lives alone in an ancient wonderful palace in Rome and -feeling lonely- took the habit of speaking with the ghosts of his ancestors, he thinks living in the same house. Some of them in facts share the house with him and take tenderly care of the old man.
It's lovely to see the ghosts walk and live among humans without being seen by them, with their costumes and hair covered in a wonderful pale purple-silver patina. 
Sandra Milo posing for a painting who'll save the house

Once the prince dies, will finally meet his ancestors and together they'll prevent the house  to be sold to a group of greedy investors by his nephew, who inherited the house but never cared for it nor his family.
actors during a pause on the film set

+++ I definitely recomend this movie for his fairytale feel, its nostalgic view of beautiful Rome and a revival of the Italian 1950's.

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  1. Anonymous16/7/12 10:08

    E' uno dei miei film preferiti, l'ho guardato e riguardato 1000 volte, e potrei rivederlo ancora!
    Per me è come una coccola, è dolcissimo, tenero e non mi stanca mai!


    1. :-) di fatti ti pensavo mentre scrivevo di questo film. Chi sa se ti piacerà anche il prossimo, venerdi ne presento uno per me davvero memorabile!

    2. Anonymous17/7/12 10:47

      ..non vedo l'ora!


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