A beautiful afternoon spent in my town at the Children's Book Fair.
Sometimes it's really nice here you know :-)
A few noteworthy things made my day:
> Ugo Fontana drawings where shown at the fair. Therefore I had the chance to see for real the originals of the one and only survived illustrated book from my youth by him: Grandi Regine.

> find the beautiful work Gelatology by Studiofludd among the winning illustrators of this 2014 edition. Remember I posted about them here? If you happen to be around they have an exhibition from 26th March to 8th April, c/o Inuit Bookshop, via Petroni 19/c Bologna. Read more about it here. I am planning to go.

Walking on a beautiful floor -me taking the picture but not on the picture, by the way. The amazing pattern comes from one illustration by 2013 winner Satoe Tone from Japan. 

> Enjoyed lots of new published reading material from all over the world.

> Discovered Zhila Hodaee from Iran -also one of 2014 illustrators contest finalists. 

Wanna know who the actual winner is? Look here. 

> See+touch books of some very good publishers such as Orecchio Acerbo e Topi Pittori, and many others. Naturally I did buy a few new lovely pieces that I will be very happy to talk about here another time.

See you all soon then. Wish you all an happy weekend.




Define a character for your own story is special. Choose the right eyes, lips, face, hair. The right clothes, the right poses. My research has been going on for quite a while, I finally feel I have found the right little girl for my illustrated book.
Not her name, though. Suggestions anyone?




Hello everybody, today it's time to join the URBAN JUNGLE BLOGGERS again. This is my third contribution: today we style our plants for spring or Easter. 

Looking at the daisy carpets suddenly making their appearance around here, I thought it would have been lovely to just 'steal' a little piece of that carpet and bring it indoors, on the Easter breakfast table. So that is what I did.

I wrapped a soil tile I digged from my garden complete with daisy and grass in a yellow net, then placed it on a simple white ceramic saucer. I know daisies are flowers, but this way it feels more like "green" for me.
The rest of the table setting continues on a white theme.

coffee cups > ikea stockholm
white square plates > present from a friend
egg warmers >  Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm
table cloth > Serholt, Sweden
tiny cups > Japanese hand made ceramics

Thanks again to Judith and Igor -who originally created and initiated this series. I really enjoy taking part to this and see all what the other Urban Jungle Bloggers are doing.
See you all next month.




I was recently kindly asked to contribute a few pictures to an exhibition for a no-profit association dedicated to children. I very happily joined the project -and will tell you more about it shortly.

All pictures need to be taken in a specific place -Piazza dei Colori- where the association is located and operates. Thursday evening I was on location with the other photographers taking part to this. Totally unexpectedly some children playing there helped us out. Their joy, enthusiasm, shyness left a mark on me. It has been a special experience, and definitely looked like it was for them too.

At the moment I took this picture, the girl sitting on the right was singing to me Rolling in the deep by Adele with a really really beautiful voice. She asked if i wanted to hear how good she is at singing. Just like that, a special moment I will for sure remember.




Same object, 3 different light conditions.
Exploring light with my beloved Mrs Canon.




I spent all the past weekend
15 hours of printing. I'm happy!
Finally some
happyrobots t-shirts
will be available
on line.

Thanks to Fabio who held the workshop at MOdo Infoshop Library,
my friend Caterina for her help and great time working side by side and
all the others for a really nice weekend.


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