Hi there, I am back. 
It has been pretty quiet around here, and wanted to come back so here am I.

September has been a busy and productive beautiful month. I think of september like a time for new things and change. Somehow it's like the new year starts straight after summer instead of starting in January. Well... I loved the way this new work-year started.

Today I share one of the projects I was involved with. The invite you see above is for a photography exhibition, I am happy to invite anyone nearby or visiting Bologna the coming weekend. 

I designed the invite & I have a few pictures exhibited too.
Like last year [you can read about it here and here if you like], it's an exhibition showing the work of Simone Martinetto's photography students. 
I followed his course Fotografare con la luce -photograph with light. It has been great fun as well as a meaningful learning curve. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed our night excursions in the woods with Mrs Canon, tripod and a bunch of really lovely people around. Even more I enjoyed Simone's teaching/coaching.
I would recommend his photography courses to anyone.

Opening is on Saturday 27 September at 19:00, info about location you find in this site.
If you pop by, we'll have a chat and I will show you around.


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