s h i b a r i --- the beauty of tight binding ---
My illustrations will be on show at Le Giraffe, the concept store by talented Valeria Sacenti from saturday 3rd of May, for about a month. A small edition of my shibari t-shirt will be on sale there too, alongside Valeria's beautiful clothes collection.
If you are local or in the area you are very welcome to have a look and say hi!


Shibari is an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage related in style to other traditional Japanese arts such as Ikebana or  black ink painting Sumi-e
Among the many uses of Shibari are dynamic living sculpture, shared meditative practice, deep relaxation for flexibility of mind and body, expression of power exchange, and intimate erotic restraint.

--- invitation designed by me ---



Hi everyone to the monthly Urban Jungle Bloggers appointment, this time about window sills and balcony. I do not have a balcony but a garden, so I don't miss that one much. Instead I miss a lot a window sill -not often present in Italian houses where windows normally open to the inside.

So my idea is to have an hanging jungle in front of windows. This is just the beginning of a little cacti jungle. I used green raffia to hang 2 of my new rescued-from-supermarket tiny cacti. Will add some more. While painting their vases white I noticed one of them is actually blooming and can't stop looking at that little flower and taking picture of it ever since :-)

 I am planning a bigger floating installation for my very large floor-to-ceiling glass window in the living room, hopefully I will show some pictures soon on the blog.

Thanks to Judith and Igor who started this series, as always i enjoy taking part and having a look at what all the other fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers do in their homes.
See you all next month.


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