Lumiere London is a free light festival with colourful projection and light sculptures in 30 locations across some of the capital's most iconic areas such as Mayfair, King's Cross, Piccadilly, Regent Street and St James'sTrafalgar Square and Westminster.

The light festival is produced by Artichoke and supported by the Mayor of London.

1.8 London by Janet Echelman

 I miss London and it looks really painfully beautiful at night in these pictures, isn't it? 
I wish I could walk in these streets with my nose pointing to the sky.
The light of the spirit by Patrice Warrener 
Keyframes by Groupe LAPS

Les Voyageurs by Cedric le Borgne

Les Voyageurs by Cedric le Borgne

Dresses by Tae Gon KIM

Brothers & Sisters by Ron Haselden

Anyone has something to say about a gloomy dark city?
If there will be a new edition in the future I will not want to miss it. What about you?




Music can be very precious. There were times in my life that if it were not for some headphones playing extremely high music, I felt I could have lost it. For many years that music playing keeping me sane -if that's possible- was David Bowie's.

Therefore there's no shame for me to say I felt real pain when I heard David Bowie passed away today, due to cancer.

I knew his music since my thirteens. Translating his songs I learned English, I learned there was a totally different way of doing things, to dare, to experiment with life and music. I felt his music was my safe place when teen-ager years put you to the test. By listening to him I shut the world outside every time I needed to.
He did accompany me for nearly4 decades of my life and definitely in the most delicate/important years.

He was a true music icon, a musical genius.

There are not many meaningful words I think I can say, except maybe thanking him for what he meant to me and that to me the stars are looking very different tonight.




Icon and Women -the exhibition of Steve McCurry, set up at the prestigious San Domenico in Forlì, is my first exhibition of 2016. A good start. I am excited and already planning to see other 2 exhibitions soon.

The portraits were displayed beautifully in a very dark environment divided by black transparent panels, so that when you see one you also have a view on the others. Walking through the rooms is like making a journey of discovery of different culture, ages, ethnicities, condition.
More than the undeniable beauty of his pictures, this journey among humanity -progressively focusing in a universe full of women- is what impressed me the most.
I kept asking myself if I will ever look in the eyes such a variety of people, in real life I mean.

Photography makes so much possible, such as letting anyone know how the rest of the world looks like without even moving out of one's own room. To meet people, see things for real though is something else.

Mc Curry is not one of the photographers I have close to my heart, but his work gifted me of a strong emotion: it reminded me there is a humanity out there I must see, I must get in touch with. Some of it at least. The desire of travelling more to expand my world and knowledge is quite stronger now.
So... new old dreams of visiting Tibet, Indonesia and Peru (to name the top of my list) came back to me. 

The arrival point, indeed, the famous Sharbat Gula portrait, unique icon of the photography in the world. Mc Curry took it in 1984 in a Afghan refugee camp and went back many years later to find her again and he actually did -not without difficulties. Very shy, usually wearing a burqa when in public, as seen in a filmed interview. Now her identity is known.

Her face showing sign of suffering and difficult life more than age, was impressive. She was 12 at the time of the first portrait, got married at the age of 13 and apparently knew nothing about the story of her photograph until 2002.
It was powerful and sad to loose myself for a while in her wonderful eyes as I did in many other eyes of the people portrayed in the exhibition. Happy to have seen it.

Looking forward to the next ones.




First day after Christmas Holidays I decided to take a day for myself. Went to Forli -a small city nearby my hometown- to see a Photography exhibition.

I love winter walks so I walked from the train station to the Museums, wandering slowly, for once I had all the time I wanted.

A quiet week day and bicycles parked everywhere. Loved the kids ones in front of a primary school.

This is it, I can see it from afar. 

This will be the first exhibition of 2016: Steve McCurry. 
More about it next time and... happy new year everybody!


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