Uncertain journey [ Blain Southern, Berlin ] 2016
I just came across this wonderful installation art by Chiharu Shiota – a Japanese installation artist born in 1972 in Osaka, based now in Berlin where she has been living and working since 1996. 
I am amazed and fascinated by the impressive woven thread installations. They create a surreal fascinating world, I wish I could walk about in this space, be part of this world.

She is mostly renown for her vast, room-spanning webs of threads or hoses, she links abstract networks with concrete everyday objects such as keys, windows, dresses, shoes, suitcases and boats – as in these pictures of her work ‘uncertain journey’ – presented in a monumental exhibition at Berlin’s blain|southern (september – november 2016).

To transfer the idea behind Uncertain Journey, Shiota relies on two main elements: the boat skeletons, which serve and the complex maze of thread that symbolizes the existential questions deep within us about fate and belonging, evoking complex emotions in us that sometimes are as the tangled as the yarn itself.

Chiharu Shiota

In Silence [CentrePasquArt, Biel - Bienne ]
Labirinth of Memory,[ centrepasquart biel bienne ] 2012


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