Daniela Tieni is a free lance illustrator based in Rome, whose work I loved since I saw it.
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Her illustrations and paintings, of an esquisit
delicate and oniric imagery, 
explore various fields such as prints, magazines, 
editorials, books and many more projects she
likes to develop with other creative people.

Let’s start from the beginning. 
Where are you from? What do you do?
I am from Rome and work as illustrator.

Is illustration something you discovered from an early age? 
Was it love at first sight or it slowly developed?
Illustration arrived rather late in my life, speaking under the professional point of view.
I studied Scenography. For many years I followed the road of Set Design, a road connected to theatre - my first love. Yet, something inside was telling me I also needed something different. That is how I decided to fall into the world of books, into the images living in many of them where I understood that I would have liked to be an illustrator for a living. Later, I never regretted this decision, it has broadened my horizons.  

What is your daily routine like?
I wake up and, after a hearty breakfast, my sweet battle with blank paper starts, a battle that will end in the evening.  I do not have a regular routine: simply I organize my days differently -depending on work load and assignments.

What inspires you?
Inspiration arrives from everything around me, from what my eyes experience, from my ears. My senses become more sharp trying to capture signals coming from intangible things, such as air. But there is no thing such as flashes of inspiration, instead there is constant study and work: body and mind need to be educated to beauty, to its dark side as well -if you wish. Life is made of contradictions. One can not always succeed, be attent, but when one is open it's really great to see the world in this way. It helps. It's not always easy to be enthusiastic, there are moments when one feels like throwing everything away and quit illustration altogether.  But my desire of start drawing again is always stronger. I believe this is my only reason to go on. It's that it's to tough to live without it.

Is your work autobiographic? 
No doubt some feelings or moods can influence my images but generally it's not. I don't feel the need to be autobiographic. I rather say something other than about myself. 

Often one finds elements of landscape or mysterious vegetation interwined between your characters, how important is nature in your story telling?
Very important, I would say. I am fashinated by its power. Nature appears to me so unreachable in its very essence, that is impossible to resist it. I try then to establish a communication channel with it through its representation in my drawings.
Lately I often feel like drawing rocks and mountains, but I also feel the need of leaving behind vast green spaces or other kind of landscape to study and concentrate more on urban scenery.

Is there a favourite character in your work to whom you feel pacticularly attached?
Answering this question is not easy. I can tell you some works have a special place in my heart than others for various reasons. 

What are you working on at this moment?
I'm finishing in these days a project in collaboration with photographer Claudia Toloni.

At the same time I am working on other projects simultaneously: there's a lot to do, I need to work hard on them all!

3 unmissable objects on your desk.
Paper, pensil, bisquit. 

One thing you love, one you hate.
Dance, arrogance.

A dream in the closet?
Travel the world as much as possible. 

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A special thank you to Daniela for being guest star at Its Nice Here today.
All pictures in this blogpost are kindly provided by Daniela herself. If you felt intrigued by the unique imagery she creates follow her work on her beautiful blog or on her facebook page.

illustrations Daniela Tieni © - Technique: acrilics, pencils, brush pen 

---------------------  Intervista in Italiano ---------------------

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