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Hello there! A big challenge for me for this month: create a still-life that portrays the 'desert' theme. It's a challenge as I've never been to a real desert and I don't have much at home with desert origins. So I went for suggestions: the colour of sand and terracotta, the idea of a drinking tea from beautiful glass.

The silver glass tiny cups are a gift from my grandmother, the round orange pit-firing ceramic vase I made in Denmark during a raku ceramics Summer course.
Plants are not strictly desert plants. The idea of drinking mint tea in the desert made me think of freshness, that is why I used a couple of cuttings with a very vibrant light green. 
Next to it some cuttings from my cousin's Tradescantia, I love its dark green velvety purple colour. It Italy known as erba miseria -misery grass- because of trailing hanging leaves.

The etching on the wall depicting houses in a sand storm I made in my college years, in Plymouth. The beautiful stones come from Elba island and various places I have visited. 
I like to place them around my pots. I must admit my house is plenty of stones collected around.

So, this is my desert suggestion. Hope you enjoy it.

The beauty of our monthly appointment is to discover what other Urban Jungle Bloggers will do with the same subject. Don't you think? So let's go check the others out.

See you next time everyone! Happy green time.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series hosted by 2 bloggers: Igor (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith (JOELIX.com). Every month we share our love for plants. You can find additional inspiration on our Urban Jungle Bloggers
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This summer, as I do nearly every year of my life, I spent part of my summer in the village on the seaside where my dad comes from: Vasto, located right on the beautiful Costa dei Trabocchi in Abruzzi region, in central Italy.
Trabocchi are an old fishing machines typical of this coast, nowadays protected as historical monuments. 

These constructions whose existence dates back to 18th century always fascinated me. Trabucchi were built in the most prominent promontories jutting nets out to sea through a system of monumental wooden arms: an ingenious technique of fishing which wasn't subject to weather conditions in the area.
Trabocco Vasto Marina

Motta Grossa beach

Trabocco Punta Aderci

This summer we enjoyed exploring the coast just outside the beach resort of Vasto Marina. We found a few favorite beaches in Punta Aderci Natural Reserve - where one can swim right next to such cultural and architectural symbols. 

Just outside Vasto, beaches are free, reasonably easy to reach with a nice walk and definitely less crowded. The water is crystal clear and the sound of waves breaking on pebbles is simply beautiful. One can enjoy nature to the full here. I felt like like time has not changed it much since I was a child. 
Trabocco Punta Aderci
Trabocco Cungarelle

Trabocco Cungarelle
Motta Grossa beach

Trabocco Punta Aderci

The Trabocchi Coast is a stretch of coast province of Chieti, which includes the countries situated between Francavilla al Mare and Vasto. The coast is full of these quaint fishing structures, some of which have been converted into restaurants, like Trabocco Cungarelle, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner to celebrate my birthday (more about this another time soon).

I am now so aware of the special connection I developed over time with this place.
Do you have a special place where you love to return to each summer? 

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