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Hello everybody! 
happy to post again for UrbanJungleBloggers. September is about Plants & Art.
I tend to arrange my plants in compositions as I consider them art too, they give me joy. Often I set them next to some painting or ceramic piece, I guess it comes natural to do so.
Today, having not so much time but willing to share my contribution to the community promptly, I decided to show you a little corner in my office. Here is where I sit most of the time when I am at my computer or when I draw from home.

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 IN the following pictures you see what I see at the moment, on my right side. Enjoy.

Framed art > etching by myself
Haninging rosette > studiokleingeluk.nl 

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This plant has dubbed its size this august. It's pure joy to see the new growth showing at its best in vivid green
This is probably one of my favourites. I brought it home in that paper sacket and left it in there ever since. I simply like it so much in there.
The dry flower comes from the wedding of my niece Valentina, I just attended at the end of August.

This etching was inspired and created for my dear friend Lotte and her two daughters who were very young at the time and bloomed now into wonderful flowers. Can't believe how fast time flies.
Judith and Igor initiated the series UrbanJungle Bloggers I am very happy to join every time I can. Everyone ca join us, or simply follow our growing community on FacebookUrban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board or onwww.urbanjunglebloggers.com.

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As most people do, I love erbs. Their scent reminds me of gorgeous summers, delicious cooked meals, holidays in France and my grandma garden.
Imagine you are in central Italy, in a sunny day. Immagine you enter an historic building in the old City center. In there tiny pots of mint, rosmarin, thyme, basil, lavender along with many others you don't even know are placed next to each other.
There you go: you are in the most beautifully scented space you could ever immagine, and in that room large windows offer a view to the seaside below. What an experience!

That has actually happened to me at the end may when I visited Officina...li -an event organised to talk about environmental sustainability and spread the knowledge of wild, medicinal and aromatic plants with their potential therapeutic as well as culinary uses.

I actually had the strongest impact when I viewed the premises during preparation, as you can see in the first pictures. You cannot believe the smell in there, it was overwhelming and beautiful. Anyway the place was very beautiful in the evening once the event started.

Maria Antonietta -owner and creator of SoloNatura was among the several specialised companies taking part to the event. I happen to know her project since the very beginning, from the early stages of developing the shop concept to the creation of the logo and graphics for her bio-boutique
I will write about SoloNatura soon, as I am fond of natural cosmetics. Besides, her choice of products is truly deeply and carefully researched. I am a very happy client since I tried out some of her things and never went back to products containing chemicals.

The event took place in the gorgeous Sala Vittoria Colonna, part of Palazzo D'Avalos, in the old center of Vasto. Perfect place to host this event, with workshops, activities, exhibition and sale of a large variety of plants and naturally derived products.

If in the day the beautiful greens of the foliage, the blue of sea and sky, the marvellous scents made the experience gorgeous, in the evening the place looked even more interesting, the atmosphere was kind of dreamy. 

Can't believe the time has gone so quickly since may. This memory is still very vivid in my mind.
I naturally did not leave the place without a few products from SoloNatura and a couple of plants: the Aloe Vera and the Plectranthus you see in one the pictures above. Sadly the last one did not survive, don't know what went wrong, nevertheless I enjoyed its wonderful incense smell for a while. 
Also I did not leave without an happy feeling; the organizators were really friendly and overall it has been a lovely experience.
Plants make people happy.


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