For someone it might be being on a plane, for someone else making a speech in front of lots of people, for others maybe to act on a stage or climb trees. For me it's when I find myself on skis, then I know it: I am not in my element. I know it will be tough. Everyone has a place in which he/she does not belong. What should we do when we enter one?
We are confronted with the choice: should I give in to that uncomfortable feeling and quit, or try my best to survive the experience despite the feeling of not belonging there?
Well, this week I decided for the latter. I keep of doing it hoping one winter I might fall in love with this sport. This is the third time for me, actually. Never say never.

Yet when least expected, this morning I nearly felt happy. I was alone on a cable car -fighting my inner feelings and my muscles ache- it snowed heavily, the air was cold, everything white, all sounds soft and muffled: a perfect moment of beauty and peace.



Happy happy: the exhibition PROGETTARE FOTOGRAFIE was finally opened last saturday. It was a beautiful evening, quite a few people joined us and it was well received. I'd like to say thanks to my friends popping by and to Simone Martinetto who coached us in preparing a personal photographic portfolio project and who curated this exhibition.

The catalogue I designed together with my good friend and talented colleague Cristina Lovadina (also exhibiting) was ready just the day before the opening. Bliss.
The catalogue shows an extract of the beautiful work of everyone taking part to this collective. I will write a dedicated post about it one of the coming days.

More to follow in PART 2. Stay tuned.

The collective PROGETTARE FOTOGRAFIE will be visible until 8th march 2015.
Café de la paix | Via Collegio di Spagna 5 | Bologna | opening time: 8:00 > 21:00 | info 051 2750233
* The vessels installation with water accompanied my photography work just for the opening evening.



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This month I am joining again the Urban Jungle Bloggers team and I do it with pleasure as the subject is quite dear to me: coffee. I love coffee, I love coffee breaks and the whole atmosphere about it.
This month we had unexpected cold weather here in Italy where I live, so instead of working from my office I enjoy working from the sitting room. This is where I sit at the moment, next to the big window where my green friends are surviving the winter. Nothing more joyful than a cup of coffee looking at my cacti collection.

If you are wondering about the little delicious things on the plate: it's sfrappole -a traditional Carnival sweet from my region. 

Hope you are having a nice coffee or tea break too, maybe just right now reading my blog post. Thank you again Igor from Happy Interior Blog and Judith from JOELIX.com for starting this lovely series. 




Working on the selection of pictures for the photographic installation coming up.
Another 14 days to the exhibition opening. A lot to be done and prepared. Exciting times.



The first month of the year started on snow and ended at the seaside.
A beautiful, unusual, emotional month. I wonder how things will develop further.

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