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A little late for february styling with Urban Jungle Bloggers  [also tremendously near to next UJB appointment] but happy to share a couple of hanging planters I made. 
For some time I have been looking at my aloe vera surrounded by many little baby plants, the time has come to do something about it!

I took it out of its vase and gently separated roots to reveal quite a few baby succulents. Amazing: I bought this beauty not so long ago and it was super tiny. Can't believe it grew so fast and happy.

For february Urban Jungle Bloggers topic I recycled things I already had at home: plastic party glasses, lace left-overs and fluo coloured wool. I like the simplicity of these tiny transparent cones wrapped in plastic lace. What do you think?

I am going to use some of today baby plants for next UJB appointment, it will be about Easter styling. Coming up soon so see you soon for more green love.

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Some friends and I had a fun morning today photographing the solar eclipse. We met in the hills near my home with tripods, cameras, special glasses and soldering dark glass-slides for extra protection. It was really fun experimenting with do-it-yourself equipment, exposures and manual focus.
The sky was a little hazy, not too much though. Out of the many pictures I took -even with closed eyes as manual focus was impossible towards the end- these are my favourites.

It is so exciting to watch moon and sun crossing their path in the sky. Do you believe in eclipses having an influence on our mood and body? I am not sure about it. Some people believe it may cause anxiety, bad dreams, uncomfortable feelings, body aches or it might even generate a sudden explosion of creativity.
Well... lets hope for the latter.



Hi If you have been following this place for a while, you know I love geometric patterns. Today I just came across this work from designer Patricia UrquiolaI admired in the past for countless good design pieces and this time she travelled to india to work alongside local people accomplished in traditional methods of embroidery. Something I find very fascinating, especially when re-interpreted in contemporary style. The result is BANDAS’ (BANDS): a collection of armchairs, chaise lounges, cushions and poufs; and also soft flooring solutions, rendered using the lovely practice of needlework. An excellent result and definitely something I would like in my living room.
What about you?

+++ pictures and more info from here

+++ more itsnicehere geometric love here.



The collective exhibition Progettare Fotografie ended last thursday, thanks to everyone who came to see it. Here I share some pictures of the series Memoria Perduta Recuperata that were on show. More here about the exhibition in case you missed it.

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