Boy I love travelling! Not strange at all to see me and my cell phone looking outside of the car window (or train window, or plane) to take pictures of the road and the landscape passing by.

I am back from a 2 weeks trip to Corsica, that was new to me and where I found the most beautiful wild nature and flora. Colours and scents are absolutely amazing over there.
I will never forget the mixture of sea salt, wild fennel and curry scent in the air walking in the Mediterranean Scrub.
It was quite hard to pin down exactly which plant diffused the curry flavour.
I'll ask my friend to give me a picture to share later on, but we are unsure about it and we do not know its name.

And yes -maybe you guessed from my pictures- I am in love with this plant above, the Carpobrotus Acinaciformis -or maybe the Carpobrotus Edulis. 

It's colours went from fresh green to deep oranges and rusty reds. I never saw it before despite the facts one can find many of them in southern Italy; I took lots of pictures and was also intrigued to find out it produces edible fruits. I will try to grow a new plant from this cutting. Wish me luck. 

By the way many thanks to my friend Giusy and Judith for helping me out in finding its name plus giving me advice on growing it. I really hope to see it join my happy plant family soon.

How about you? Do you also fell in love with plants when you travel? Any luck in trying to grow them at home? 


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