This is my second contribution to the amazing Urban Jungle Bloggers series. An initiative by bloggers Judith and IgorThis month it's about choosing 1 plant and style it 3 ways.

My plant is a tiny Sedum Rubrotinctum . I like it's colors going from pale green to pink to red. The specimen I used is so tiny that it disappears between things but once found it's a joy for the eye. Can't wait for it to grow bigger.

Here is how I styled My Sedum in 3 different areas of my house. 

1 > LIVING ROOM > Plants and books and coffee-tables, perfect combination to me.
     Here my Sedum is planted in a beautiful raku pot by sculptor Stefania Malferrari.

2 > SLEEPING ROOM > Here it's in my 4,5 years old boy's room, in good company with pictures, tiny baby shoes, Jip&Janneke postcard and robot toy. It looks so nice I decided to leave it there. This cutie is now my boy's first plant.

3 > BATHROOM > Here in another beautiful raku ceramic vase made by Stefania Malferrari. I love how the plant sits in this small 3-legged-vessel. 

Psstt.... a little behind the scene thing: the plant you see next to the Sedum in this picture is a lovely Minosa Pudica that was originally my first choice for this series. I guess it was just too shy to be handled, styled and photographed. Wanna know why? Have a look here.

     ||||          ||||                ||     |||             ||             |||          ||| ||    |||                                          ||| |   |||                         ||                 ||| ||             |||    |||          ||                  ||| |||||                   || | | |||               |||                 |||||      ||                   ||| ||                    ||||||||   ||||||  |||              |||

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Few thoughts on the past week.
I was away for what we in Italy call a 'white week', meaning going somewhere in the mountains where one can find lots of snow and ski. 
Ski is something I am trying to learn and that is gradually qualifying to my surprise as something I can (more or less) do. 
I don't know why, I've got mixed feelings about it. When you start as a 40+ lady something that should probably be best learned at 5, you face uncomfortable territory -to say the least. If it were not for pictures, I'd have hard time believing I came down some steep (for me anyway) intermediate trails. Naturally with the help of ski lessons and a very patient and talented teacher. 

Sometimes I just need time to look back at what I did, reconsider things to finally be aware of the progress I am makingGradually I am feeling happy about it,  yet I feel it has been a strange week for me. I took so little time for what I normally like best: take pictures, enjoy the wonderful landscapes, spend quality time with my little family/friends. 



Remember a portrait that was on its way to London? It arrived so I can finally share it as promised earlier. Marta -winner of this giveaway- sent me a lovely picture of her as a child, which was such a delight to draw and turned out to be a great inspiration source for an illustration book I am working on.
Thank you Marta.
Happy new week everyone.



Let's walk some more, behind that block I know there is one. It's a cold and crisp sunday morning. I am in full excitement. Few more steps and I see the colors from far away. There it is, one of Berlin's great flea market in Kreuzberg. I know I am going to stay here all morning, looking at every single piece. Neon letters of all sizes and colors. Nutcrackers. Clothes. Lamps. Small things. Temple of the life of others
This is my passion. 




beautiful red stairway to the top floor
loved this lamp shade in the guestroom
view on the courtyard
German classes at home

view on the woods from main sleeping room
Kafka on the pantry door

Hello sun at the breakfast table.

My friend Winnie's beautiful apartment in Berlin.




As someone who feels overwhelmed by perfumery departments, I have always desired a signature scent but never found my own. Do you have one yourselves?

You may or not know I love roses and their scent. I love the gentleness of violets too. Both are probably not very fashionable right now. I don't mind at all; I love their delicate, nostalgic quality.

Some time ago I was taken by my friend Marco –passionate perfume maker and expert- to a signature scent hunting journey. It has been such an surprising experience.
To tell you the truth I wish I had a better nose -so to speak- but I feel I learned a lot.

First define a specific flower or idea to go for, to narrow down the choice in a range of products that is absolutely enormous
Try a parfum a bar. Have some selected perfumes sprayed on paper and don't forget to write the perfume's name on it. I loved the tiny cups you see in picture 3 and 4. They’re sprayed inside so you can smell the scent only when opening the little cup. The paper is coated on the external part, so when folded close it won’t loose the smell soon.
Important: leave the shop, find a quiet place outside, sit down and smell them one by one, with closed eyes. I could not believe the difference it made. For the first time I could distinguish the different notes. It’s was a revelation for me.

This way Marco taught me to narrow down a selection that finally was sprayed on my skin.

After that we took some time and had lunch. You see, a perfume needs time, it has to live on someone's skin where it'll develop surprisingly. 

Want to know what was my final choice?
Violetta by Penhaligon. It combines a dusky and mysterious fragrance with the nostalgic purity of violets. Surprisingly green and sharp to begin with, it becomes lush and velvety as it develops. I completely fell in love with it and use it nearly every day now.
This short video from Penhaligon's site could not describe it better.

I also discovered other wonderful perfumes, I should write another time about them too. 
If you have your own signature scent you're welcome to let me know in the comments. I'd like to know about it. Thank you Marco for your precious help and such a unique experience.




There is more than one reason why I love Berlin. One is wandering its streets with my camera and my nose pointed up to the sky. I look at the buildings, taking pictures of what I see through the trees branches. Here some winter skies I shot last December when I visited my friends for a weekend. More Berlin pictures to come soon.
Have a good day.




Here is the Portrait Gallery update some of you have been asking about.  Marta's portrait is finally finished, placed inside an envelop now on its way to her.
I will share the illustration soon -as soon as she will let me know it arrived.

For the ones who are new here: Portrait Gallery is a giveaway created to celebrate this blog 1st birthday. Read more about it here if you like to know how it all started.
Some readers asked if I am going to do it again. I might, promising to be a little quicker next time.




We spent a couple of days at the seaside where my dad comes from
 & visited our family who live there &
          celebrated our youngest member on her 1st birthday.
Rainy days but never mind, I LOVE the seaside in winter days!



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