As someone who feels overwhelmed by perfumery departments, I have always desired a signature scent but never found my own. Do you have one yourselves?

You may or not know I love roses and their scent. I love the gentleness of violets too. Both are probably not very fashionable right now. I don't mind at all; I love their delicate, nostalgic quality.

Some time ago I was taken by my friend Marco –passionate perfume maker and expert- to a signature scent hunting journey. It has been such an surprising experience.
To tell you the truth I wish I had a better nose -so to speak- but I feel I learned a lot.

First define a specific flower or idea to go for, to narrow down the choice in a range of products that is absolutely enormous
Try a parfum a bar. Have some selected perfumes sprayed on paper and don't forget to write the perfume's name on it. I loved the tiny cups you see in picture 3 and 4. They’re sprayed inside so you can smell the scent only when opening the little cup. The paper is coated on the external part, so when folded close it won’t loose the smell soon.
Important: leave the shop, find a quiet place outside, sit down and smell them one by one, with closed eyes. I could not believe the difference it made. For the first time I could distinguish the different notes. It’s was a revelation for me.

This way Marco taught me to narrow down a selection that finally was sprayed on my skin.

After that we took some time and had lunch. You see, a perfume needs time, it has to live on someone's skin where it'll develop surprisingly. 

Want to know what was my final choice?
Violetta by Penhaligon. It combines a dusky and mysterious fragrance with the nostalgic purity of violets. Surprisingly green and sharp to begin with, it becomes lush and velvety as it develops. I completely fell in love with it and use it nearly every day now.
This short video from Penhaligon's site could not describe it better.

I also discovered other wonderful perfumes, I should write another time about them too. 
If you have your own signature scent you're welcome to let me know in the comments. I'd like to know about it. Thank you Marco for your precious help and such a unique experience.


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