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Let me introduce you my Plant Gang. 
They cheer me up every day, plants make me happy.

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I don't have -unfortunately- window sills or many sunny positions in my home, but I do love plants. Having a little garden full of them was simply not enough, a plant lover wants to have them also indoors right? That is why I looked for a plant stand (this one is called LANTLIV and is sold in ikea by the way) where to place all mine.  Many of these plants were quite small when I bought them, it seems that being together near each other helps them to grow faster and healthier.

I love to look at my plant collection. The plant stand is normally placed next to the big glass-door of my living room, but today I moved it in front of my forest-wall for you to meet them all together. The poor light condition today (very grey and rainy outside) forced me to shoot with indoor lights, something that didn't do wonders for pictures' quality... hope you'll forget me.

This Euphorbia Trigona came all the way from the bathroom to shine among the other plants in this picture. I truly love this plant and hope to buy soon another one, maybe of the Rubra kind, with beautiful red colouring.
In the yellow vase next to it, a young sprout of one of my first plant -unfortunately do not know the name. Anyone can help maybe?

I love Cacti too. These Mammillarias I recently added to my collection. Until not so long ago, they had wonderful flowers anyway I love them all year round for their fantastic thorns, sometimes strong and spiky, sometimes wonderfully thin and delicate. 
The Aloe Vera you see on the left is doing really well. Many little baby plants originated from it and are also doing really well. I must say it is, so far, the plant that gave me more satisfaction as far as propagation concerns.

I hope to add more plants soon. I will have to be very creative in finding the right places in the house to spread them around.

Thanks again to Judith and Igor who initiated the series UrbanJungle Bloggers I am happy to join. Join us if you like, or simply follow our growing community on FacebookUrban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board or on www.urbanjunglebloggers.com.

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  1. Hi Stefania!! Thank you for sharing your plant gang with us!! Your plant gang looks pretty happy and healthy!!

    1. Thanks Igor, always nice to share 🌾🌿🌵 😊

  2. Oh yeah, aloë vera are so cool: you can get so many babies from them (and us the gel when you burn your hands/arms on the oven ;) ). Thank you for showing us your entire plantgang, so many lovely varieties and despite the light issues the pictures look great, Stefania!

    1. Hi Judith, Thank you so much 😊 and what about the euphorbia ? Did you try propagation for it ?

    2. Not yet! I'm waiting for my purple one to grow a bit taller and then I'll take off a small leave to see if it works. I think it's not that difficult. Did you ever try?

    3. No I didn't. Yesterday i went to a local green house and I saw a very beautiful red one. I was looking for a Monstera, was tempted a lot but finally took home another bunch of cacti. I am truly irredeemable ;-)

  3. Stefania!! ho scoperto il blog grazie al tuo commento sul mio, e che scoperta!!!! Ti ho messo tra i preferiti, ciao!

    1. Grazie mi fa tanto piacere :-)) anche di aver scoperto te naturalmente. Rimaniamo in contatto eh? ciao!

    2. Molto volentieri!!!


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