Do you write lists?
In times like today, when we feel we have too little time to manage our life, finding a way to be efficient and organized seems to be the only key to sanity success. What about lists making? Do you think it helps or do you feel stressed about writing them down?
I am definitely one for lists and notes.
Here you can see a selection of lists/memos I scatter around the house (mostly in my study room). There is actually more than this, the kitchen has a fridge and a note board both full of magnets and little notes of all kind. My personal diary is full of what needs to be done daily. Next plan is painting the inside of the entrance door with a chalkboard paint area so I can draw my last-minutes to-do notes there and not forget my errands.
Lets say, if my notes are colorful and visually catchy they work best for me, it means I'll look at them easily and wont forget to buy the milk -so to speak.

If you live with someone and maybe share a working area at home, having little papers ready with some kind of identity can be fun.
I had this idea when playing with my little boy making confetti few days ago. I used some cute punchers with a litte girl and a little boy.
I prepared colored paper notes with cut-outs of mini-me and mini-him or mini-us so that we can see -at a glance- who needs to do what like in a family planner.  This kind of memos are placed all together on the side of the desk that I sometimes share with my husband. I think they are cute, they make me smile.

I talked with people I know about this subject. Most of them tend to rely on list making to get things going. It was kind of interesting to find out I am not the only list-crazy person around, and to discover the variety of subjects people write lists about.
Film to watch + shopping lists + new years wishes + 2do lists + goal setting + what to take on holiday + diy propositions... you name it. It is possible to make list for anything.

According to list makers, the important positive outcomes of using them on regular basis are:
+ clarity in your head about what needs to be done and when
+ it helps prioritising
+ it helps you remembering everything
+ it gives a track of what yo accomplished and what not, so maybe next time you can develop a better strategy, maybe decide what to delegate or use your resources differently.
I'd say: crossing something out of a list gives you a great feeling! The more lines you'll see adding up the more you'll feel productive and efficient. I love it ( aehm, when it happens that is. I have lists that remain untouched for weeks and months).
What do you think yourself? If you write lists, what are they for and does this system work for you?



  1. I'm a real paper to-do list maker, but I never make anything so pretty or colorful as you do. When things are done I check it off my list and throw the notebook away when it's full. Me too, I love checking things off my list! My lists are daily/weekly, rarely longer. Bigger long term things are listed in my head as I have good memory ;)

    1. Hi Judith, That's so good having good memory :-)) I started doing attractive notes and memos recently, as a counter measure to the fact I feel over whelmed with the things i have to do. A lot of it is self inflicted as I love to take on board and start too many projects, plus I am a dreamer, plus I am a mum. Too many things really, I have to improve my organizations skills. well, at least my notes chear me up visually (luckily because many of them are bound to sit on the wall for too long!)


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