THE LiLIES TOUR [part 1]

Remember the post when I mentioned some recovering lilies from an adventurous night? Now, sitting indoors in this rather gloomy-grey Saturday afternoon, it's the perfect time to tell you their story.

It all started in a city center trash basket, where my friend and I found them. A big bunch of white lilies, still fresh and beautiful, that someone did just throw away. My thoughts went immediately to an animated discussion between an imaginary couple, resulting in her throwing away his gift (don't ask me why). Well, I don't know if this is true or what else happened before that moment, but I know what happened afterwords. 
They were too beautiful to leave in the garbage. That is how it happened that we walked all evening with a huge bunch of lilies in our hand, visiting art galleries and various events of Bologna's international exhibition of contemporary art ArteFiera, taking place each january here. 
Needless to say the flowers had a great night, and so did we. Funny what a bunch of lilies can do for you if you take them around.
'and so we went out to see the stars'  by Antonello Ghezzi, 2013

Interesting and beautiful was 'And so we went out to see the stars' by artists duo Antonello Ghezzi, in collaboration with Bologna's Abstronomical Observatory.
Besides the breathtaking beauty of a night sky full of stars, the concept of being able too see with the eyes of people from all over the globe (each circle was the sky seen from many places in the world in the same moment) to remind us that we are all one thing, connected to eachother by nature and by the sky above us, truly captured me.
I loved the little pieces of paper with drawings of stars observed at various moments:  "when you leave", "when you sleep", "when you arrived", "when it's raining", "all the time" ...
The very idea of an never ending night was fascinating.  Try to imagine the people of the world... Imagine if we could see them all together... Think of them with their nose pointed up at the stars...  learn more about the project in their site here.

Here ends part 1 of the long lilies' tour. In the picture above mine were resting for a moment, under the stars, in between galleries visits. See you soon for part 2.



  1. Anonymous6/2/13 12:24

    ...è bellissima, ....e nello stesso tempo.... intrigante,... questa storia dei gigli nel pattume...
    uhmmm... e se fosse stata Biancaneve, che risvegliata dal bacio del principe azzurro (ma da dove sbuca poi questo??)gli avesse risposto così? bello poterlo pensare ;)

    1. Ah ah Stefi, in ogni caso abbiamo sempre pensato ad una fanciulla arrabbiata ;-) appena sto meglio proseguo il racconto dei gigli itineranti :-)

  2. Crazy how hard it is to grow and look after flowers and yet so easy to throw away. Do you buy cut flowers? I rarely do. I like them but somehow I feel guilty buying them, and I do know it's weird;) It has nothing to do with "killing flowers" and such things but just the whole market, production etc. I don't know where this came from. probably my internal madness, that's all. Anyway, the exhibition looks great (and what a great way to spend the night!). The eternal night idea is something I'd have huge problems with - short-sighted astigmatics like plenty of light:)

    1. I am going to be completely honest here: i am guilty of loving flowers So much than i buy them often, i cut them from my plants in the garden, i have them around in the house and they make me happy. I love plants, trees, but more than anything green I adore flowers. I am guilty of letting my plants flower endlessly, as I cut dry heads as soon as I see them... Making the plant's seeding process very difficult until the end of season. Yes I know, this is all too egoistic... it must be said though I love them and take very good care of them untill the very end. --- the eternal night idea is good only as a concept, I think. I'd also miss the sun light. It's just that looking uo to a sky full of stars is somehow very poetic. Do you know I used to dream about disappearing on a space ship among the stars when I was a child? Abduction was a dream, what a crazy dream I'd say today ;-)

  3. I'm pretty sure you know it but I will write it anyway: it wasn't my intention to make you feel or even mention the word 'guilty". Done.
    To be honest, I often feel like being more romantic. And flowers are for me just something that would go with it. I'm happy that you look after them:)

    1. I know i know what you ment, I plead guilty anyway because somehow I cut them ;-)


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