Hi Everyone! I was writing/thinking about lists as a method to get organized and ready for busy life {my previous post is here if you missed it} and there I find something that is just perfect to complement my story, it's the other side of it. 
What's in my head? was in Camilla's lovely blog.
I am following here for quite a while now, and i recommend this read as it's a place buzzing with ideas, fun projects, good writing, energy and warmth.
Some of you might remember I joined her on the photographic project Petit december 2012. Anyway, this time I felt she put in such nice words exactly how I feel.

Here above you see Camilla herself {pictures published here with her kind permission}.
She imagines if she could just take everything that's in her head and lay it down nicely as if they were objects taken out from her bag. Take a look at them and maybe a picture.
So many things! As she says:  a galaxy of papers, unexpressed ideas and huge dreams.
She even mentions many parallel lives she fantasizes whilst travelling by metro everyday... what an exciting universe.

Will a life time be long enough to accomplish everything? She asks.
Oh boy, I just feel so much the same. I just did not make such nice self portraits to tell this story. 

When I wrote her that we wear pretty much the same shoes and i feel like her, she told me happily "when I think at the 'a lot of too much' going on in my head I know it could be much worse, it could have been 'a lot of too little'. It might depend on perspective on which we look at things, but I confess you this thought makes me feel happy"
Well, I could not agree more with her after all, having too much going on is definitely better than having too little  :-)

Curious? Visit Zelda was a writer to read in details about the 10 things Camilla drew on her picture {google translate might help in case you don't know Italian}. You might be caught in her beautiful world and stay, like I did.
About the things in my head, I guess I'd like to play the same game, pull them out and take a picture of them for you to see. 
... and what about what's in your head? Your dreams? Wanna play along and share?


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