H0w wonderful is it to enter a gallery and find a real cloud! This is the great work of Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, who creates clouds using a smoke machine, combined with indoor moisture and dramatic lighting. The indoor cloud effect is perfect, and totally fascinating. 

Smilde said about his inspiration on this project: "I imagined walking into a classical museum hall with just empty walls. There was nothing to see except for a rain cloud hanging around in the room"

I hope to see it for real one day. Only few people have seen the clouds in person, they can consider themselves very lucky. Each cloud only exists for a moment before dissipating. The photograph, Smilde says, is a ‘document’, the only proof of its existence if a viewer misses it. The first exhibit featuring indoor clouds, called Nimbus, was created by Smilde in 2010.

This post is not inspired by weather, as we have beautiful shining sun today :-) Wish you all a lovely weekend.

1  Nimbus II, 2012 | Hotel MariaKapel, Hoorn | photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

2  Nimbus, 2010 | Cloud in room | Probe#6, Suze May Sho, Arnhem

3  Nimbus D'Aspremont, 2012 | Kasteel D'Aspremont-Lynden, Rekem, BE | photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk



  1. How magical! I too would love to see it in real life.

    1. Hi Louise! If we are lucky, maybe we'll get the chance to see one of his exhibitions :-)

  2. Anonymous17/2/13 04:04

    Wah, I've seen this on pinterest before; it really is quite something, isn't it? Although, I've heard that fog is actually just a cloud on the ground, also!

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    1. Hi Danielle, I had in facts seen these pictures nealry a year ago but always forgotten to blog about th em, untill now. Fog is also a cloud... Mmm does not look that good right? Sometimes it does though, when you walk totally in the middle of fog and feel like in a different world, on the edge of scary. Cloud in the sky (or in a musem) do have more of a soectacular quality :-)

  3. The pictures are beautiful. I just saw she has an exhibition which just openend in San Francisco, so I'll try to see it next time I go there for work.

    1. Hi Stefanie, so nice to find you here! How are you? Going to San Francisco for work sounds great, if you manage to see a nimbus exhibition let me know. It must be great to catch that moment. Love


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